24 July 2024

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In 2024, MSP marketing tools will become a major factor in building effective marketing for MSP businesses.

And yes,  effective marketing is essential for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to thrive in a competitive market. 

Key to MSP marketing success is a strategic approach that blends content creation, targeted marketing, and the use of diverse digital tools. 

MSPs should focus on content production using platforms such as StreamYard and YouTube, and utilize tools for project management, analytics, and customer engagement to exemplify this approach.

These methods help in building brand authority, engaging with potential clients, and generating leads. 

The integration of marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot and Mailchimp, further streamlines customer interactions and enhances lead generation. 

This multifaceted approach, combining content creation with advanced marketing tools, is pivotal for MSPs to attract and retain clients in the evolving digital landscape.

So, once again, The role of MSP marketing tools in lead generation and client acquisition is crucial.

They provide the means to effectively reach and engage with potential clients, track marketing performance, and adapt strategies for optimal results.

That is why we will discuss some emerging marketing tools for MSP. 

What is MSP in marketing?

MSPs offer a range of IT services, including cloud support and cybersecurity. Marketing is vital to differentiate them in a competitive market.

MSP marketing, essential for managed service providers, encompasses activities and strategies to inform, educate, and raise awareness among potential customers.

Different from sales initiatives that focus on revenue, MSP marketing focuses on brand awareness and education, with the goal of converting prospects into customers and becoming the provider of choice for businesses seeking managed services. 

The goal is to enhance brand exposure, gain visibility, and educate potential customers about the value of their services. This approach is crucial for generating high-value leads and achieving sustainable business growth​​.

Effective MSP marketing involves various techniques to generate inbound leads, such as using LinkedIn for outreach, employing SEO strategies, and creating targeted content for email campaigns​​. 

It also supports client retention by building trust and nurturing relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction, and promoting brand recognition in the MSP market​​.

The Role of an MSP Tools for the Marketing Team

MSP marketing tools are an integral part of IT services marketing teams. They are crucial for lead generation, nurturing, and sales.

For instance, email campaign automation tools, known to deliver the highest return on investment for small businesses, save sales teams significant time.

Furthermore, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools revolutionize MSP sales processes by tracking and optimizing various aspects of marketing campaigns, from emails to sales calls. 

CRMs contribute to proactive sales strategies, increased sales, and improved team productivity. They automate marketing workflows and provide concrete data for analyzing results, thereby optimizing the marketing processes​​.

Although your marketing team is creative and intelligent, MSP marketing tools provide the technical expertise and efficiency.

These tools streamline tasks, automate processes, and equip your team with data-driven insights to make informed decisions and turn marketing campaigns into lead-generating machines.

So, if you’re an MSP looking to take your marketing to the next level, don’t underestimate the power of these digital sidekicks.

With the appropriate tools, your marketing team can successfully generate leads, acquire clients, and ultimately achieve business growth.

Top MSP Marketing Tools 2024

The following MSP marketing tools have been selected for their proven effectiveness in enhancing marketing strategies, generating leads, and improving customer engagement.

They offer a combination of content creation, analytics, automation, and targeted outreach capabilities, making them integral to MSP marketing teams in 2024.


HubSpot’s platform is comprehensive, easy to use, and has strong automation capabilities, making it a top choice for MSPs in 2024.

HubSpot excels as a marketing tool due to its comprehensive and robust CRM capabilities.

Pros of HubSpot

HubSpot offers a centralized system for managing customer information, tracking interactions, and nurturing leads, essential for targeted marketing strategies.

The platform is praised for its inbound marketing prowess, with an extensive suite of tools for content creation, SEO, and social media management. 

Its marketing and sales automation features, including lead scoring and nurturing, significantly improve efficiency and help in closing deals faster. 

Cons of HubSpot

The pricing for its paid plans can be a hurdle for smaller businesses, as these plans can become expensive, particularly for a growing number of users. 

The availability of advanced features is also limited to higher-tier plans, which may not be feasible for businesses on a tight budget or those needing extensive phone support options and advanced features in lower-tier plans.

Price of HubSpot

HubSpot offers various pricing plans to cater to different business needs. The Free Plan includes basic features like contact and deal management, while the Starter Plan adds email marketing and custom reports. 

The Professional Plan provides access to advanced features like marketing automation, and the Enterprise Plan includes a complete set of features like advanced permissions and single sign-on.


Semrush is a robust SEO tool that empowers MSPs to dominate search engine results, attract more targeted leads, and gain valuable insights into their competitors’ strategies. 

Pros of Semrush

Semrush’s key features include competitor analysis, keyword research, organic traffic analysis, backlink insights, and social media analytics.

Semrush’s diverse functionalities enable companies to track their online progress and make informed decisions for enhancing their web presence. 

Its integration with various tools, straightforward pricing, and specialized features for local SEO and social media performance analysis further add to its appeal​​.

Cons of Semrush

Semrush can be challenging to navigate and understand, particularly for users new to such comprehensive SEO tools. It has a steeper learning curve compared to competitors like Ahrefs and Similarweb. 

Price of Semrush

Semrush offers three main pricing plans tailored to different user needs. The Pro plan, ideal for freelancers, bloggers, or small businesses with limited budgets, starts at $129.95 per month. 

The Guru plan, suitable for professional SEO consultants or agencies, is priced at $249.95 per month. 

For larger businesses or agencies requiring advanced features, the Business plan is available at $499.95 per month.

Monthly payments are an option but come at a 17% higher cost compared to annual payments​​.


ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing tool that empowers MSPs to personalize their messaging, automate lead nurturing, and drive conversions.

ActiveCampaign is known for its user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Pros of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers a powerful email editor and an extensive email template library, facilitating the creation of professional and engaging email campaigns. 

Its standout features include advanced marketing automation, efficient list management and segmentation, comprehensive analytics and reporting, and diverse integration capabilities.

ActiveCampaign also boasts strong deliverability rates, ensuring that email campaigns reach their intended recipients effectively​​.

Cons of ActiveCampaign

The primary drawback of ActiveCampaign is its affordability and pricing structure. The platform’s rich feature set also presents a steep learning curve for beginners, which might limit the immediate utility for less experienced users. 

Price of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign pricing starts at $29 per month and goes up to $259 per month, depending on the client’s needs. 

The pricing is based on the number of contacts, with the mentioned prices applicable for up to 1,000 contacts. 

This pricing strategy makes ActiveCampaign a viable option for businesses looking to scale their email marketing efforts efficiently​​.

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Emplifi is the new name of Socialbakers. Emplifi is a powerful social media marketing tool that empowers MSPs to manage their online presence, engage with their audience, and gain valuable insights into their competitors.

Pros of Emplifi

Emplifi or Socialbakers provides intuitive tools for analyzing social media campaigns, competitive ads insights, predictive intelligence, and data integration. 

The platform is particularly effective in customizing social media strategies, offering detailed analysis and audience persona creation. Socialbakers AI technology aids in content optimization, enhancing audience engagement. 

Also, Socialbakers provides robust analytics, benchmarking social profiles across major platforms, and offering insights into brand-audience relationships.

Cons of Emplifi

The main drawbacks of Socialbakers include its pricing, which may be steep for small businesses. 

Additionally, some features of Emplifi might not be necessary for every business, and the formats of reports can be overwhelming, containing excessive information. 

​Price of Emplifi

The pricing of Emplifi is not explicitly detailed and varies according to specific needs and configurations. 

The initial cost may be high, but is considered reasonable for the range of features and reliability it provides.


Databox is a powerful analytics tool that transforms complex data into actionable insights, ideal for MSPs looking to make data-driven decisions. 

Pros of Databox

Databox stands out for its user-friendly interface, which is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise. 

The platform custom metrics feature allows users to create unique metrics that other tools may not provide. 

Databox also supports multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile, TV, and Apple Watch, ensuring accessibility across devices. 

The drag-and-drop feature simplifies data manipulation, and automated notifications keep teams updated. Overall, Databox offers affordable pricing for its range of functionalities​​.

Cons of Databox

The platform can sometimes involve excessive communication and email, which might overwhelm users, although this is often necessary given the level of expertise required to fully utilize the tool. 

Some integrations can be challenging to optimize, potentially requiring additional time and effort. 

Additionally, Databox requires time for initial setup, which may be a hindrance for users or businesses looking for quick deployment​​.

Price of Databox

Databox offers four different paid plans to cater to businesses of various sizes and needs. Additionally, Databox offers a free package for individuals and small teams.


CloudApp is a valuable tool that empowers MSP marketing teams to communicate effectively, share feedback visually, and stay on top of projects even when working remotely.

Pros of CloudApp

CloudApp excels in its simplicity and user-friendliness, making it an ideal tool for quick and efficient visual communication. 

CloudApp stands out for its ease of use, allowing users to share content with just a click. The software is adept at taking screenshots and capturing videos, immediately saving content to the cloud.

These features are particularly beneficial for remote teams who rely on visual aids for communication. 

Additionally, CloudApp’s free plan is a boon for small businesses, offering affordable subscriptions that cater to their budget constraints​​.

Cons of CloudApp

CloudApp users have reported frequent software updates, which can be disruptive and annoying.

Additionally, some users have experienced crashes and glitches, and there are instances where videos do not save successfully. 

Price of CloudApp

CloudApp’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate a wide range of users, from individuals to large enterprises. 

CloudApp offers three pricing packages. Start from $29 per month, $49 per month, and $89 p[er month.


Vidyard is a robust tool for creating and managing video content, with a range of features suitable for different levels of use.

Vidyard stands out for its comprehensive solutions in sales and marketing, offering versatility for various business needs.

Pros of Vidyard

Vidyard mobile version enhances on-the-go usability. The platform excels in the creation, sharing, and statistical analysis of video content. 

Effective link sharing is another notable feature, facilitating wider content distribution. 

Additionally, Vidyard provides ample training materials, including webinars and live sessions, which are invaluable for businesses seeking to leverage video marketing effectively​​.

Cons of Vidyard

Vidyard considered one of the more expensive video marketing tools, which might be a barrier for smaller businesses or individuals.

Price of Vidyard

Vidyard offers three paid tiers and a limited free version. The free option serves mainly as a trial and is less suitable for long-term use. The paid version starts at $29 per month.


As we enter 2024, utilizing MSP marketing tools is not just a passing trend. Remember, the right tool can transform your marketing efforts from good to great.

The tools mentioned, such as HubSpot, Semrush, and others, are not just software, but rather catalysts for efficiency and growth. 

Each tool has its own unique strengths and limitations, offering a tailored approach to marketing challenges. 

Whether you aim to enhance lead generation, streamline communication, or gain insightful analytics, these tools are designed to elevate your marketing strategy.

So, when considering the landscape of MSP marketing tools, consider how each aligns with your specific needs and goals. 

Investing in these tools is an investment in your business’s future. Take the leap, harness their power, and watch your marketing efforts soar to new heights in 2024.

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