11 April 2024

IT Services Agreement template (Image by Freepik @EyeEm)

An IT services agreement is a foundational document that clarifies and formalizes the relationship between you and your clients. So, why bother with all this paperwork?

This agreement is your guide, ensuring you both understand the path ahead, including stops (services to be delivered), rules of the road (terms and conditions), and what to do if you encounter a detour (dispute resolution).

Without this agreement, your journey could hit unexpected bumps. There may be confusion about service availability or resolution times.

There may be disagreements about billing. An IT services agreement proactively addresses these issues, laying out clear expectations and processes​​​​.

Ready to learn more? We’ll break down the must-have parts of an IT services agreement. Buckle up because knowing this stuff will seriously boost your IT game!

How IT Service Agreements Help MSPs

Sometimes, contracts can feel like a drag.  But in the world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), they’re more than just a stack of papers. Yes, of course, it looks boring.

But let’s face it: IT projects often get complicated. IT service agreements bring order to that chaos. They’re not a pain but a tool to help your MSP thrive.

So, IT service agreements, particularly Service Level Agreements (SLAs), are foundational documents that set the stage for a successful relationship with clients.

At their core, SLAs define what your MSP company will deliver and detail the performance and availability standards to which it is committed.

Let’s say you have been successful in acquiring clients because you created an IT service catalog that was attractive and relevant to the target market.

Clients are now in contact with your MSP representative team. They are increasingly interested in the price offers and services provided. There was a gentleman’s agreement on it.

This gentleman’s agreement is verbal. However, it is essential to note that any agreements made should be documented rather than relying solely on verbal agreements.

The SLA agreements break down precisely what you’ll provide – network monitoring, fixing problems, the whole nine yards. This keeps clients happy and your team from getting buried in unexpected work.

Moreover, having detailed SLAs can help your MSPs mitigate risks and protect businesses. Ever had a client claim you didn’t do something you totally did?

An IT service agreement outlines responsibilities so everyone knows who’s accountable for what. It’s like insurance for your reputation.

With IT service agreements, you often have clients on recurring payment plans. Translation? No more worrying about those feast-or-famine months.

And for sure, steady income means you can focus on growth, not just scrambling to pay the bills.

What Should Be Included In A Service Agreement?

For the IT agreement, this part lists all the tech stuff the MSP will handle, so everyone knows what’s included and what’s extra, like toppings on that pizza​​. Here’s a breakdown of what should be included.

Performance Metrics – How Do We Measure Up?

It’s all about how you keep score. Are the services fast? Reliable? It’s like checking the stats on your favorite sports team.

These metrics are like the batting average for your IT provider, showing how often they hit it out of the park or strike out regarding things like fixing issues fast and keeping systems running smoothly​​​​.

Pricing and Billing – What’s the Cost?

No surprises when the bill comes – that’s the goal here. This part lays out all the costs, like seeing the price tags before you hit the checkout.

It explains how much, how often, and how you need to pay, so there are no awkward “I thought you were covering this” moments​​.

Responsibilities – Who Does What?

This section is like assigning chores at home. It ensures you know who’s on trash duty and who’s walking the dog but for your IT needs.

It outlines what the MSP will do and what you must provide to help them do their job right​​.

Dispute Resolution – What If We Don’t Agree?

Sometimes, things get tricky, and only some see eye to eye. This part is your plan for those just-in-case moments, like having a referee to help settle disputes and keep the game fair​​.

Termination Clause – Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

And just like any relationship, sometimes you need an out. This bit talks about how either side can say “we’re done” cleanly and clearly without anyone hanging or guessing about what’s next​​.

IT Services Agreement terms and conditions (Image by Freepik @barokahselalu777)

How To Write an IT Services Agreement

Embrace the SLA like a playbook for a successful collaboration, and you’ll set up a framework that supports clear expectations, accountability, and a solid foundation for your service delivery.

The good news is writing a remarkable IT service agreement isn’t rocket science, but it pays to be organized. 

So, let’s break down the process into more digestible chunks, keeping it light and easy to grasp.

Nail Down the Service Details

First up, be crystal clear about what services you’re offering. Just like when you’re explaining the rules of a board game, everyone needs to understand what’s on the table.

This includes detailing the availability of these services, so there’s no guessing game involved about when and how they can be accessed​​​​.

Establish Performance Benchmarks

Next, set some goals. Think of these as your high scores or performance targets you aim to hit consistently.

These benchmarks help ensure everyone’s on the same page regarding what counts as ‘winning’ in service delivery​​​​.

Get Clear on Responsibilities

Define who’s doing what. Like assigning roles in a team sport, clarity helps prevent any dropped balls or misunderstandings.

This includes outlining how both sides will communicate and address any issues​​​​.

Talk Money and Metrics

Discuss the financials upfront. No one likes surprise fees or costs, so laying out the pricing, billing, and related metrics beforehand keeps the relationship transparent and trustworthy​​​​.

Start With a Template

Don’t start from scratch! There are many great IT service agreement templates available online. Find one and customize it to fit your specific MSP needs. This saves time and ensures you’re remembering crucial legal stuff.

What If Things Go Sideways?

Even in the best relationships, misunderstandings or missteps can occur. So, detailing dispute resolution and termination clauses is like having an emergency plan or a referee to step in when things don’t go as expected​​​​.

Get It in Writing and Get Signatures

A verbal agreement is as reliable as a leaky boat–don’t do it! Yes, use an e-signature platform for convenience and legally binding results. Store a signed copy where you can easily find it if you need to reference it.

Once all the agreements are written, approved and signed, you can move on to the next step. Congratulations, you now have an official client.

This requires you and your client to begin onboarding immediately. Furthermore, we offer all the necessary information for MSP onboarding.


Please note that writing an IT service agreement isn’t a task—it’s an opportunity. It’s your chance to solidify trust, foster clear communication, and build a foundation that supports transactions and relationships.

So, when crafting that agreement, think of it as penning a promise of quality, reliability, and mutual respect.

Whether starting with a template or fine-tuning the details, each clause you write is a step toward a more robust and resilient MSP practice.

And when you finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), know that you’re not just finalizing a contract; you’re setting the stage for success, growth, and partnership.

So go forth, armed with knowledge and insight, ready to craft agreements that meet the mark and exceed expectations.

And always remember, in IT services, your word is your bond, and a well-written agreement is the strongest bond of all.

In this rapidly evolving tech landscape, your IT service agreements may be your anchor, ensuring you and your clients navigate toward success together.