18 April 2024

MSP Backup Software (Image by Sworth)

The role of MSP backup software goes beyond simply storing data; it ensures business continuity, mitigates the risks associated with data loss, and maintains data integrity in the face of cyber threats, system failures, or natural disasters.

For MSPs, choosing the right backup software isn’t just about technical specifications; it’s a strategic business decision.

The best MSP backup solutions of 2023 stand out for their efficient, scalable, and secure data management.

They align with today’s technology trends by offering cloud-based solutions, automated backups, and layered security features. 

With these tools in place, MSPs can assure their clients that their data is not only protected, but also resilient to various threats, ensuring peace of mind and sustainable business operations. 

That’s why each of the software we’ll discuss below was selected for its proven effectiveness, easy-to-use interface, and adaptability to different business scenarios.

These tools aren’t just about backing up data; they’re about enabling managed service providers to offer seamless, reliable, and efficient backup solutions to their customers. 

Each MSP backup software has a commitment to delivering real value to the MSP sector, increasing both data security and customer confidence without going overboard.

So let’s take a closer look at these standout solutions that are shaping the future of MSP backup strategies.

What Is MSP Backup?

MSP backup is a suite of cloud-based tools and services specifically designed for managed service providers (MSPs) to automate and securely backup their clients’ critical data.

MSP backup solutions go beyond simple data storage, providing features like granular recovery, centralized management, disaster recovery planning, and robust reporting, allowing MSPs to deliver reliable data protection and peace of mind to their clients.

MSPs face the challenge of managing backups for multiple clients with varying needs in the technology industry, where data security is a high priority. 

MSP backup software addresses this by providing a streamlined, scalable approach. 

It allows MSPs to remotely manage backups, ensuring that client data is safe and recoverable in the event of a system failure or cyber threat. 

Without such software, MSPs would struggle with time-consuming, manual backup processes, potentially risking data loss and customer confidence. 

The value of MSP backup software lies in its ability to deliver robust, automated, and customizable backup services that meet diverse customer needs while maintaining high data integrity.

Top MSP Backup Tools in 2023

Facing the challenge of choosing the perfect MSP backup tool is not easy, is it? There are so many out there.

But we’ve got something that can help. We’ve found these seven top choices, each customized to meet specific needs and target different audiences.

They’re not just any MSP tools; they have their own special features that set them apart.

So, let’s look around and find the one that fits your unique needs like a glove. It’s all about finding the perfect fit in the vast world of MSP backup solutions.

1. MSP360 Managed Backup

MSP360 Managed Backup is a strong contender in the MSP backup software market, especially for those prioritizing cost-effectiveness and simplicity in managing backups for a large number of clients. 


MSP360 is pretty wallet-friendly. It’s got a pricing plan that adjusts to different client sizes, which means you’re not overpaying for what you don’t need. That’s a relief, right?

Now, onto the user interface. It’s all about simplicity here. Even if you’re not a tech whiz, you’ll find MSP360’s interface straightforward and easy to use. No more scratching your head over complex settings.

And here’s a big plus – its multi-tenant architecture. If you’re handling backups for several clients, MSP360 simplifies your life. You can easily switch between clients, keep an eye on backups, and control permissions without any hassle. 


When stacked against some of the big guns in the backup world, MSP360 doesn’t quite hit the mark with certain advanced features.

If you’re looking for really detailed stuff like granular file recovery or complex disaster recovery strategies, it might fall short. It’s good, but maybe not ‘top-of-the-line’ good for really complex data needs.

And here’s another thing – scalability. MSP360 is great for smaller operations, but as your business grows and you start handling huge amounts of data or a rapidly increasing number of clients, you might hit a ceiling.


MSP360 Managed Backup offers a variety of pricing options depending on the specific needs:

  • Windows Desktop Backup: Priced at $29.99 per year, suitable for personal computers and laptops.
  • Windows Server Backup: Costs $109.99 per year, ideal for backing up files, folders, and system images on Windows servers.
  • Ultimate Edition: At $179.99 per year, this edition covers backup file systems, system state, SQL Server, and Exchange​

2. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the ideal shield for MSPs seeking maximum data protection and proactive cybersecurity. 

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s comprehensive features, strong malware protection, and unified platform make it ideal for customers with high-value data and complex IT environments.


Acronis doesn’t just do backups; it’s a comprehensive solution packed with anti-malware, antivirus, and even advanced threat detection.

This means you’re not only backing up data but also actively protecting it from cyber threats. 

Plus, its integrated platform simplifies your workflow by combining security tools with backup features. No need to shuffle between different apps – Acronis has got it all covered in one place.


While Acronis offers a robust set of features, there’s room for growth in certain areas. Some users are looking for stronger remote control features, hoping for more advanced capabilities. 

There’s also a bit of chatter about the cost of its file sharing solution – it seems that not everyone is convinced of its value for money. 

And for those using Hyper-V, there’s a noticeable gap in replication features. These areas highlight opportunities for Acronis to enhance its offerings and address specific user needs.


Pricing details for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud are not publicly available. Pricing may vary based on specific needs and configurations. You should contact Acronis directly for customized pricing information.


NovaBACKUP shines for MSPs with diverse customer needs and a desire for granular control.

Platform compatibility, flexible scheduling and customizable reporting make NovaBACKUP versatile for complex environments. 


NovaBACKUP stands out for its compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and various cloud services, making it a versatile choice for MSPs. 

NovaBACKUP offers flexible backup scheduling, allowing customization to fit each client’s specific needs. Additionally, its reporting features are customizable, providing tailored insights into backup performance.

This combination makes NovaBACKUP a practical solution for MSPs handling diverse client environments and requirements.


NovaBACKUP may have a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’re new to backup software. Its customization options are extensive, so it will take some time to get the hang of it. 

To really take advantage of what it has to offer, consider it an investment in training. Also, while it’s great for backup and recovery, it doesn’t come with advanced security features like anti-malware or vulnerability scanning. 

So you may want to consider adding another layer of security to cover all your bases.


Pricing varies based on features and client count, starting around $99.95 per year for the basic plan. Advanced plans with granular reports and cloud storage options cost more.

4. N-able Cove Data Protection

N-able Cove Data Protection is your ideal navigation tool if you are looking for reliable, easy-to-use backup at a budget-friendly price.

For example, it’s perfect for MSPs managing small-to-medium data volumes and prioritizing ease-of-use.


Cove Data Protection makes backup easy. With an easy-to-use interface and simple setup, even the most tech-savvy users can get up to speed quickly.

Plus, it’s all cloud-based, so you can forget about the hassle of managing physical hardware. Your clients’ data is stored securely online, ready for access whenever you need it.

And when it comes to reliability, Cove has your back. You can expect consistent, reliable backups that reduce both downtime and the nagging worry of data loss.

And for those on a budget, Cove’s budget-friendly pricing is a breath of fresh air. You get solid backup solutions without breaking the bank.

Backup software for MSPs (Image by Helix Storm)


Cove Data Protection, while effective, does have a few areas where it may fall short. 

N-able Cove Data Protection doesn’t quite match up to some of its feature-packed rivals, particularly in advanced areas like granular file recovery or intricate disaster recovery strategies. 

So, if you’re needing a really detailed backup solution, Cove might not hit all the marks.

Also, when it comes to fitting into your existing tech stack, Cove works great with other N-able products. 

But if you’re using a mix of different tools, integrating Cove might need a bit more work. It’s something to think about if your tech environment is varied.


The pricing details for N-able Cove Data Protection are not explicitly listed and appear to be unavailable.

While not the cheapest option on the market, N-able Cove Data Protection is fairly priced for the features and reliability it provides.

5. Rubrik Cloud Data Management

Rubrik Cloud Data Management is ideal for large MSPs managing massive data volumes and seeking advanced data protection, automation, and insights.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management’s scalability and feature-rich platform make it a powerful tool for complex environments.


Rubrik offers a robust solution ideal for large MSPs that easily handles complex enterprise-level data management.

Rubrik simplifies backups with advanced SLA automation and goes beyond backup and recovery by providing analytics and data governance across multiple platforms.

With fast recovery and API integration, Rubrik provides fast and efficient data recovery, while its secure design protects against ransomware and other threats.


While Rubrik is a strong player in the MSP backup software game, it’s not without its challenges. For some users, there are gaps in its feature set, especially when stacked against more specialized or advanced solutions.

Also, when it comes to working with tools or systems outside the Rubrik universe, be prepared to put in a bit more effort or seek out extra expertise to make everything click together.


Rubrik’s pricing and licensing is not publicly announced. Most likely, pricing is influenced by many things, so it is complicated and requires problem identification, negotiation, and the other similar things.

6. Datto Siris

Datto Siris is your ideal data captain if you serve businesses with complex IT environments and demanding disaster recovery needs.

Datto Siris robust disaster recovery features, flexible deployment options, and excellent support make it a reliable choice for navigating data disasters.


Datto Siris offers fast and comprehensive solutions, from simple file restoration to full system reboots. Its hybrid cloud approach combines local and cloud backups, ensuring secure and flexible data storage. 

Plus, their round-the-clock expert support means help is always at hand. What sets Datto Siris apart is its ease of use, with automated, reliable backups and seamless integration with other tools, simplifying the backup and recovery process for MSPs.


Datto Siris is like a high-end toolkit packed with features, but let’s be real, it can be a bit pricey, especially for the smaller guys.

For small businesses or MSPs on a budget, diving into its pricing structure can feel like solving a complex puzzle. 

It’s great for those who need all the bells and whistles, but for a smaller setup, it might feel like you’re paying for tools you don’t really use.


Datto Siris’s pricing is not explicitly detailed and varies based on specific needs and configurations. 

The initial cost can be pricey, but it is considered reasonable for the range of features and reliability it provides.

7. Barracuda Intronis Backup

If you are looking for simple, secure and reliable data protection for small and medium businesses, Barracuda Intronis Backup is your answer. 

Barracuda Intronis Backup is a winning choice for uncomplicated data environments with its easy-to-use interface, secure storage and efficient recovery.


Barracuda Intronis Backup straightforward interface cuts through the technical maze, making it easy for anyone to manage backups.

Plus, your data is in safe hands – think military-grade encryption and secure storage that shields against all sorts of digital and physical threats. 

And if trouble hits, Barracuda Intronis is ready with quick and efficient recovery options, ensuring your clients’ operations bounce back swiftly, without wasting precious time on data retrieval delays. It’s about making data protection as stress-free as possible.


While Barracuda Intronis excels in ease of use, it may fall short in providing advanced features such as detailed file recovery or sophisticated disaster recovery strategies. 

And while it’s a champion for smaller businesses, it may struggle to keep up as your data or customer base grows significantly.

For those with large data landscapes, exploring enterprise-level options may be a better fit.


Pricing varies based on features and data storage. Advanced features and larger storage needs increase the cost.


To sum it up, it’s clear that the best MSP backup software solutions in 2023 will feature a blend of robust security features, easy-to-use interfaces, and flexible pricing models.

The variety of tools available ensures that there is a solution for different business sizes and needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. 

The key takeaway is that while each software has its unique strengths and weaknesses, choosing the right backup solution for MSPs depends largely on the specific needs and priorities of the business.

Your business must consider the specific backup needs, budget constraints, and other specific features that are most critical to operations when selecting an MSP backup tool.

With the right choice, your business can maintain data security and business continuity in an increasingly digital world.

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